Tuesday, July 29, 2014

4th 11lb+ bass of 2014 and some nice blondes

Had a group of local dads and lads out yesterday. Top gun was 11 year old Jake Newton from Wool Dorset who stuck at it when the others were getting bored. Jake is a regular on the beach with his dad. I was pleased to see him well into a fish with a good bend on his rod which had taken a live mackerel freeline style. Even more delighted to slide a near 12lb fish into the net. Its our 4th over 11lb in a month!  Well done Jake.

11lb13oz bass for Jake Newton aged 11

22lb blonde for Taco from Eindhoven
23lb blonde from the banks

Monday, July 21, 2014

New boat Freeline bass record 12lb 9oz

On Friday Amelia Clegg from Exeter had her first bass fishing experience on Silver Spray. Having caught a few mackerel for bait, a feat in itself, Amelia let a live one swim away in the St Albans race. Within seconds she was hooked up to a 12lb 9oz beauty. As well as several other bass for other members of the party Amelia managed a double of undulate rays of 15lb and 15lb 8oz. A day many veteran anglers would cherish for sure.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 2014 Monthly Report

It’s been back to back trips down here in Poole for the last month; the weather has been faultless with only a few days rest taken due to the odd puff of wind. It’s that time of year now where everything is in full swing and we are spoilt for choice as to what we fish for. The only thing that aren’t playing ball, as I’m sure many other ports are experiencing round the country, are the mackerel. Some days we are spending up to 2 hours feathering to get enough to go bass fishing for a few hours. There seems to be an abundance of small scad out on the sand in Poole Bay which is helping fill the gap when we want to go fishing with live baits. The one place mackerel have been in abundance for me this year is over in Alderney, all around the Island and down on the fishing grounds we have no trouble getting bait. In early July Graham Kent and his mates did a 5-day trip over to the rock with Silver Spray II and had a brilliant time. Rather than just sticking on the flats for 3 days straight we tried our hand at a bit of everything and we were rewarded with a variety of species including tope, bull huss, conger, bass, turbot, brill, cod, ling, pollock to name but a few. The top fish of the trip for me was Andrew Dunne’s turbot of 20lb 4oz. A brilliant turbot by anyone’s standards made even better by the fact he caught it on bass gear whilst we were drifting at 4 knots in over 100 feet of water. The fish gave a fight like I’ve never seen from a flattie before and took over 10 minutes to get to the boat appearing and then disappearing from view several times in the process. Alderney is certainly renowned for being a destination where anglers can catch themselves some monster fish and not many anglers have spent as much time hunting one down in that area as my Dad, Andy Cumming. On a recent trip to the Island with his Wife for some golf and relaxation he somehow managed to sneak in an afternoon on the banks onboard Silver Spray I. After a good day on the flats he was just packing his gear up when his Diawa Saltist 12-20 rod bent over the rail with a cracking bite. After a struggle lasting around 15 minutes Andy’s wife Alison netted a colossal turbot which I weighed for him back in Brae harbour at 31lb 8oz. I’ve seen god knows how many fish of all shapes and sizes on my travels in commercial and charter fishing but I have never seen anything of that enormity, a true fish of a life time.
Sam Cumming
Silver Spray II

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Highlights of the week

Mathew Bloor 11lb 4oz bass pb

Nick Briant double figure cod

Nice Purbecks tope from an evening trip.
Just three mackerel caught 14 tope....

16lb undulate ray

Alison's first turbot.....
and from the same drift Alison's second turbot

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Good start to July

Been down in Alderney on a 5 - day trip and had a brilliant mixed bag of fish including turbot brill pollock cod ling bass tope and bull huss. Went bass fishing wednesday morning using live sand eels for bait, first fish up was Andrew Dunne's 20lb 4oz turbot on his bass gear. Without a doubt the best fight off a turbot I've ever seen, in 100 ft of water and 4 knots of tide it took 15minutes to get to the net. The old man was down on Silver SPray I having a few days away in ALderney with his wife, of course he managed to squeeze in a trip out to the banks. To cut a long story short his last fish of the day weighed in at 31lb 8oz, weighed by me when we got back to the harbour. Without a doubt the biggest turbot I've ever seen even with all the commercial work I've done. He was using a 12-20 diawa saltist rod with an avet sxj twin speed.