Monday, October 29, 2007

Autumn rays

Some beutiful rays in the autumn sunshine....
14lb undulate
16lb undulate
8lb small eyed
12lb blonde
18lb blonde
14lb undulate
rays of the sun....

October summer fish continue to be caught

Summer fish continue to be caught in October. Still plenty of mackerel and we have enjoyed the sight of the birds working over large shoals of mackerel, garfish and bass in the tidal races. Plenty of bream on the wrecks and inshore as well. Winter fish have just started to show

Donald Wilson from Newbury with an 11lb bass caught on freelined mackerel.

Harry with a fine 8lber on the same trip.

Alan Pheasant with a typical 3lb inshore bream

Mark "Conger King" Palmer with a 63lb wreck caught conger. One of 20 and 100+ bream