Sunday, July 25, 2010

Best of the weekend

You don't have to go to Norway to find big fish. The best of the weekend.....

Sunday : 10lb 9oz bass
Saturday : 24lb Cod

Friday, July 23, 2010

July Big Fish Days

The aim of big fish days is to catch big fish ie conger, ray or tope - not rocket science. We would like to say that its job well done if everyone on the boat landed a big fish. Of course if you are good or lucky then you can have your string pulled repeatedly. Just a selection from this week when I've been kept busy with the T bar and training for the 2012 Olympic flapper cutting team...

Miles Northover with one from 4 snakes
Jonah was not living up to his name

4lb lobster for Kevin Justice on live pout on flapper

18lb blonde for Bill Thornton + 4 snakes
22lb blonde for Kevin + 4 snakes

23lb 6oz blonde for John - new club record

55lb snake for David - heaviest ever fish

Joe's first tope

Friday, July 09, 2010

Alderney 5

Day One: Wrecking our side of the channel was slow with only a few pollack in the boat and a bucket of mackerel. We finished up on a wreck about an hour from alderney with plenty of nice pollack on live mackerel on the drift. A quick anchoring session produced an 80lb+ conger for 76 year old Stanley.
Day Two: Drifting for the turbot proved a winner with around 20 fish on the boat for the day along with a 15lb blonde ray.
Day Three: Another day on the drift for the turbot produced a 17lb angler fish along with another 9 flats amongst which was an equal boat record for Alex Miles at 23lb.
Day Four: A fast and furious session on the cod on the way home produced around 60 double figure cod, 18lb ling and more congers on the slack.
All in all an amzing trip for everyone.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

03/07/10 the day of the snake

With the continuing run of good weather we pushed out to some offshore wrecks for the day. Fishing started slowly with a few pollack coming aboard and finished strongly with the last fish on the drift being a whoping 18lber. Anchoring the slack up on a very small piece of ironwork we were surprised with 4 more pollack on conger baits. This was followed by the best conger session i've had onboard the Spray with around 40 snakes coming up in an hour. Unfortunatley it was so frantic that i didnt have any time for photos at anchor.
18lb pollack for Daryl on the drift
12lb pollack for Karl on the slack

Super inshore fishing

A great days inshore fishing with the lads and teachers from nothfield school in Oxford. After a warm up in the bay on the bream, dogfish and pouts we decided to push off to an inshore wreck. After a half hours mackereling the conger rods went down and in the following hour the boys landed around 20 congers and a couple of bonus tope at last knockings. A very enjoyable day for not only the lads but the skipper and crew aswell.

Freeline bassing

The freeline bassing has got off to a good start this year with fish to 8.5lb already showing. Hopefully this singals good things to come.
John Ellis with a 8.5lber
Al Wischhusen with his 5lber

Allan Pleasants with a 6lber