Thursday, February 13, 2014

February 2014 Monthly Report

I’m sure you won’t be overly shocked to hear I haven’t been out much since my last monthly report, a grand total of 2 trips as it happens. Both of which saw us leave port at first light and return early to make the most of short windows in the terrible weather we have been having. What we lacked in weather we certainly made up for in spur dogs as anglers Kevin Griffiths and Roger Clarke landed the 2 biggest spur dogs I have ever seen on the same trip. The pair were using large mackerel cut baits on single hook flowing traces of 100lb mono. After sporting fights the fish were safely brought onboard and weighed in at 22lb 4oz and 25lb 8oz respectively for Kevin and Roger. Both fish were heavily pregnant with pups and were returned alive and kicking after a couple of minutes. Roger’s fish would have beaten the current British Record for a boat caught spur dog had we brought it ashore, I’ve had a couple of different reports of the record size but it would have beaten it by at least a pound. Both days produced plenty of blonde rays as well up into the mid twenties along with a handful of bull huss and congers to keep rod tips bouncing. Let’s hope we get all the bad weather out of the way now so we can enjoy a nice summer again!!