Tuesday, January 26, 2010

25th january: "The Blonde Ray Day"

With a NE 4-5 breeze increasing throughout the day monday the 25th was quite a cold one but the fishing more than made up for the weather. Being a neap tide we were able to push off land a bit and anchor up one of the bass banks about 15 miles off. The fish kept feeding right the way through the tide with a brief break over the slack. It started off with 4 blonde rays, a nice conger for simon granett and some big chanel whiting and finished off with another 10 (yes 10!) blondes the other side of the slack with another 8 congers and plenty more chanel whiting. An excellent day had by all the anglers aboard, including the two skippers.All the rays and congers were returned alive to fight another day. Fish of the day went to Gary fisher for his blonde ray of 20lb. Silver Spray will be raring to go on the next set of neaps.
Simon Garnett 28lb conger
Skipper Sam 15lb blonde
Gary Fisher 20lb blonde
Simon with 13lb blonde ray

Monday, January 25, 2010

Banks fishing

Out to the banks 20 miles off over this neap tide at the end of January. A good selection of spurdogs to 19lb, blonde rays to 21lb, congers to 40lb, pollack, bass and whiting.

Steve Allison witha 35lb conger

15lb spurdog

Nick Walsh 16lb blonde

Paul Hathaway 18lb blonde
Marcus Holmes 21lber best of 3!

Most of the fish were female but this was a lucky lad for Matt Pope!

Rob Holmes 14lb spurdog

Steve Bullock with a 19lb spurdog - again close to the record...

A bonus 6lb bass.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The cod and whiting continue

Terry Miles 15lb cod
Pat Evans 16lber on hokais

Steve with 2 cod
Some nice channel whiting about as well!