Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shark Fishing 13 August 2009

Warm, sunny and calm day. Plenty of good rubby dubby. 2 fish seen 3 hooks up and one fish boated after 1 hour 20 mins, then returned in good condition. Length 8 feet, estimated weight 350lbs. What a superb day!!

Undulates everywhere

The lads from SAID business school came out for a day and certainly did the business with the undulates.

Monday, August 10, 2009

One August Sunday

At last a sunny and calm August Sunday. The lads whooperate the incinerator at Bournemouth hospital came out and managed 8 undulates to 17lb, a nice bull huss, a spotted ray, a few bream and a load of mackerel!

Some early August fish

A really fine day at last and some nice bass freelining with live mackerel.

8lb freeline bass for Ian Chapman

3 1/2lb Dancing Ledge bream

30lb mid channel tope

15lb blonde ray

Monday, August 03, 2009

Failsworth SAC from Manchester

The lads from up North were more used to pirks and muppets but soon got the hang of bouncing a shad on a Portland rig. Some nice cod half of which were doubles. Then a good dose of congers over slack with most fish in the 30-40lb region.

End of July fishing

End of July 2009 windy weather but some nice fish. Plenty of tope and rays on the banks and still some nice cod out deep....