Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wreck Fishing with sandeels

April 15th: it’s a fine morning with a light easterly blowing and an increasing forecast for the evening. When the wind’s in the east…. We head out 30miles from Poole to a 2nd world war wreck. The eels work their magic, despite the fact that only 2 of the group have been wreck fishing before they all catch pollack. At the end of the day trip organiser Garry Legg had caught 12 fish and all of the other anglers had contributed to the 40+ pollack that filled our new Iceytek fish box. Live sandeels are a powerful bait for prime fish like pollack, bass, turbot, brill and cod. I believe that fishing with live sandeels will increase catches in 2008 on Silver Spray.

Trawling for Sandeels

April 15th and the weather looks good for the next 48 hours. We head out to the hook sands to catch some live sandeels ready for wreck fishing on Wednesday. We had a good catch of eels on a wonderful day.

Mid April 2008

Conger fishing trip over a wreck. All anglers caught in acatch of 20 eels with the largest eel around 60lb

1st bass of 2008 caught on live sandeel
Thornback ray caught on same trip. Dont see many thornies these days

Nice pollack on live eels caught on an evening trip over the Kyarra

Blonde ray at dusk returned to fight another day

Specimen pout on windy day in Swanage bay

Friday, April 11, 2008

April Bream and important first fish

The bream have been slow to appear in numbers but Thursday this week saw 7 nice fish with the best being a 4lb 1oz beauty caught by Dave Lynes on a squid head bait. Daves best bream for 2 years
Silver Spray stalwart Mark Palmer with a fine bream just short of 3lb.
Carolyn admires her first conger
A gummy shark for gummy's mate
A first dogfish for young Lewis

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pictures of April

Mike Bird with snowman made on board 6 April
Nick from South Africa with his first turbot
Another Nick with a starry smoothhound caught on an evening trip

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

March Rays and Congers

March sees a good run of blonde rays on the banks off Poole.

Steve Haines 18lber

Donald Wilson 14lber

Andy C 10lber

Simon Garnet 31lb conger