Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good fishing all round!

Silver Spray is producing all the right species from its trips at the moment. Turbot and brill are still in there numbers on the shambles with the last trip producing turbot to 6.5lb. Bass are coming from both the inshore and offshore marks with plenty of blonde rays averaging around 18lb to 20lb coming on the slack to keep us occupied.
Matt Jones with a 7lb freelined bass
Steve Bullock with an 8lber

Barry Culver with a 5lber

Allan Pleasant with a 20lb blonde

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nice freeline bass

Freeline bass fishing is carried out by catching live mackerel and then letting them swim away from the boat with a hook in the nose. The boat drifts in shallow water around 20 feet. If you are lucky you hook a big bass and there is just you and the fish with no leads, booms or anything else to interfere with the pull of the fish. No wonder that this type of fishing appeals to salmon and trout anglers. Martin Whitefoot left the riverbank for a day and was rewarded with this fine bass of 11lb which fought like a tiger....

Freelining is carried out off the Purbacks and works best in calm conditions. The combination of the glorious scenery, slow drifts and lovely weather makes this my favorite type of trip.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Good start to a spring tide

This spring tide has got off to a cracking start with around 30 bass landed for the day, all on artificials, as live mackerel are becoming scarce. Lets hope there are more to come.

Second go at the shambles

This years second go at the Shambles bank off Portland got off to a good start with 12 flatties being cuaght on the day, 9 turbot and 3 brill. Usually expecting quantity and not quality at this time of year we were surprised to see the second turbot on board weighing in at 13lb. With a few more around the 5,6lb mark and some nice brill it really made the day

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Rays on the banks

With this set of neap tides came easterly winds which is never good for the fishing. With a little sunshine for encouragement we pushed off to some wrecks and sand banks and were rewarded with plenty of tope and congers and the first hit of this seasons blonde rays.