Monday, February 08, 2010

7th Feb

Sunday was some of the best weather i have ever seen in february with flat calm waters and lots of sunshine. Unfortunatley we were slightly plagued by congers so didnt have as many rays as the day before but still an excellent day none the less. Terry Dobsworth had a cracking start with an 11.5lb small eyed ray followed by a 24.5lb blonde. Both these hundred percent+ specimen fish were joined by Neil Hammonds 15.5lb pollack at the height of the tide.

Mark Palmer 10lb blonde ray
Neil Hammond 15.5lb pollack

Terry with his 24.5lb blonde

11.5lb small eyed ray

6th Feb - New Boat Record!

The first neap tide of February arrived with some of the best weather i've ever seen for this time of year. The fishing followed along the same lines on saturday with things getting off to a great start when Charlie Mcdowell pulled aboard a new boat record 31lb blonde ray!This was followed by a fantastic double from steve with a 16lb and a 10lber at the same time on a penal rig.An excellent days fishing finished up with 15 blonde rays, a 12lb spurdog and half a dozen nice congers.

Charlie with his 31lber

Charlie and Paul about to release the new boat record
Steve with his fantastic double

Matt with one of two rays at 20lb