Friday, June 19, 2015

June '15 Monthly Report

Since the last report fishing has continued to impress right across the grounds with even the worse days producing above average results. Inshore fishing is still showing very good numbers of bream with 3lb plus fish being netted regularly. It’s always a welcome sight to see undulate rays so abundant on the same grounds and many anglers have been keeping themselves busy targeting these as well. A little further off and the bass fishing has started, no great numbers yet but a few nice ones on both live baits and artificials. Unfortunately bad weather has put pay to my latest trip to Alderney but we did manage to get across at the end of May despite the weather trying its best to stop us. Fishing was good with cod and turbot in good numbers over the first 3 days. The last day produced a challenge with 40 knots of south-westerly forecast, Martin Donovan and his crew were undeterred and we piled down the south bank for a couple of hours and were rewarded with a fine turbot of 15lb 8oz to round the trip off. Next week I will be over to Cherbourg for the first time this year, with the amount of fish out on the wrecks our side I can’t wait to go further afield and have a look.
Sam Cumming
Silver Spray II

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Flatfish on the banks in May

After a couple of slow trips the bank finally came up trumps at the end of May with 4 species (turbot, brill, plaice and dab). Happy days!