Saturday, September 19, 2015

Evening sole trip a success

Dan Hunwick 1lb 6oz dover sole

September 28th and 29th:

Evening trip for dover sole and many other species- 5pm to 10pm(ish) £30 bait included - 12 spaces

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September Monthly Report

It's been a fairly quiet month for us down in Poole with a whole week of hard easterly winds followed by the same again of south westerly. Some of the most enjoyable fishing lately has been along the sea front from Poole to Hengistbury head using the light tackle. We have had a few days turn up over 20 different species. Something I haven't seen much of as a skipper is trigger fish and they been making an appearance taking the plaice baits on the sand. Almost tropical to look at they also fight like a bream on steroids. Out further off there is still plenty of tope and rays at anchor with all 5 species of rays making regular appearances.  We are still picking off the bass with live baits such as scad and mackerel although I think they will start to thin out soon and we shall have to move onto pout. Only two more trips over to Alderney to go and it will be the winter season, although if you look outside today you would think it had arrived already.

Sam Cumming

Silver Spray II


Saturday, September 05, 2015

August '15 Monthly Report

The first time since the new rules were set in place earlier this year we have finally hit the 3 bass per angler limit, I was pleased to see all the guys keen to return any extra that hit the deck. Due to the amount of small scad we have been getting for bait bass catches have finally risen to a sensible level after a tricky start to the season. Also in strong numbers this month have been the tope. 2 hours sessions have been more than enough with upwards of 40 fish not uncommon. On a recent trip to Alderney Silver Spray’s new top angler Finley Palmer tackled a tope of 25lb caught on a live mackerel, a brilliant method to get the best fight possible as the tope really nail the livebait and take off on a 20 yard run to kick things off. And last but not least the wrecks are still keeping us entertained with plenty of cod and pollock on the lures and ling on the dead baits. Last week saw the arrival of the autumn bream mid channel, bringing some good fun over slack for those who don’t want to fish for the big stuff. Harvey Collier did just this but unfortunately it backfired when a 24lb cod took a fancy to his tiny bream rig in 260 feet of water. A bit of a surprise but a welcome one!

Sam Cumming

Silver Spray II