Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mid channel wreckin

Some reasonable weather at last. A chance to get out to mid channel and a look around the wrecks.....
Sherridan with a 3lb bream caught on typical bream gear 8/0 hook to 200lb mono witha side of mackerel!
Ian Hudson 17lb cod

a typical pollack...

and conger....

Gary Legg with a tail hooked cod

An usual sight - a dead whale

Dean's mates with plenty of big congers

An ususual summer spur around 14lb

Saturday, June 25, 2011

alderney 4

Alderney 4 completed and hats off to the die hard anglers who fished in up to 30 knots of wind nearly everyday and still managed to catch some nice flats, cod ling congers goonard and oivr 50 pollack!!Back over again next week with hopefully some nicer weather and equally good company!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Second tide on the bass with encouraging results and plenty to be going on with on slack. One day producing 10 tope 1 undulate an 8lb turbot and the largest bass so far this season of 9lb for Donald Wilson!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alderney 3 2011

Our third trip to Alderney this year. Day 1 was a bumpy crossing with a fresh SW wind. Plenty of nice pollack on the wrecks around the hurd deep with live mackerel taking the better fish. Day 2 saw an increase in wind and tough fishing conditions. Fish of the day was a 17.5lb turbot caught by Gery Reed. Day 3 and with improving conditions the quantity of flatfish increased. A nice 5lb brill for Mark Edwars who also caught 6 turbot as well! Friday and the wind has dropped away. We are off for some codding on the way home. The cod got bigger as the day went on. a 22lber for James Craft was topped with a 25lber for Mark Edwards who then followed this up with a 32lber which is a new boat record.

Andy Ford was on board for this trip and you will be able to see the film of the trip on Sky Sports Tight Lines in 4 instalments starting in about 6 weeks time.

Mark Edwards 32lb cod *new boat record and pb*

Mark Edwards 26lb cod

James Craft 22lb cod pb

Colin Jones 17.5lb cod

Jason Watling with a nice cod around 13lb pb

Gerry Reed 17.5lb turbot pb

Mark Edwads 5lb brill pb

Stephen Long 9lb turbot pb

Mark Edwards 8lb turbot pb

Sunday, June 05, 2011

What else you can catch when you go breaming...

We have been breaming in Poole bay. As well as some lovely bream we have been averaging 10+ species per day. here are some of the pictures of our by catch from the last few days..

a nice red gurnard also had plenty of tubs
a 3lb plaice

a 24lb blonde

an unusual dover sole caught in bright sunlight

a double figure small eyed ray

a 15lb cod caught on poutcaught on a size 2 hook tied to 15lb line

14lb undulate