Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer Fish caught by Poole Bay Doggies

Well summer is here. Just the weather seems to think its winter again. In between the cancelled trips there have been some nice summer fish showing.

Poole Bay Doggies Boat Commodore Bob Cryer with 34lb tope. Bob's club have a good website and are looking for new members and anglers who want to fish on Silver Spray at weekends. Call Bob on 07740124363.

Bob's son Tom with a specimen red gurnard. Recently Tom has caught congers, tope and bream as well as loads of mackerel.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tope fishing

The tope are now around in numbers. First we catch some mackerel then set the anchor on a wreck just off the Purbeck's. As the tide runs congers provide the main sport with other fish like rays, bass, pollack and jumbo pouts providing a constant stream of bites. As the tide slackens the tope appear and the fun really begins...

Terry Callahan with best tope of the day anice 30lb fish which fought really well

Evening trips in June

Evening trips are now taking place on Tuesday's and other evenings when the the weather is good. They provide a good way to relax after work and enjoy some great fishing....

Darren Chissel with a 23lb blonde ray which he followed up with a 40lb+conger lucky lad..
Dave Boxton with one of 10 bream he caught on an evening trip in Swange Bay.

Bass Fishing

We have now done our first bass trips to the Isle of Wight. There were good numbers of bass caught on live mackerel and shads with the best fish over 8lb.

RAF topgun Mike Reynolds with one of two 8lb bass.

Joe walsh from Dublin with an 8lb IOW bass caught on live Mackerel