Sunday, September 27, 2009

Freeline Bassing in September

Andy Heasman 10.5lber
Bill Thornton 9lber

Gary Legg 9lber

Fish from the banks in September

The banks fish has been excellent in September when the "Indian Summer" has allowed us to get offshore.

Pair of typical banks bass for Donald and Gary
8lb turbot for Chris Witcher

9 1/2lb bass for Ian Webb

11 lb bass for John Hunter

23lb blonde for Charlie McDowell

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Big Fish Trips

Its a simple concept. Everyone likes their string pulled by a big fish. So off we go and anchor a wreck or bank offshore on a neap tide. We catch, congers, tope and rays that pull our string very nicely thank you...

Louise from Swansea with a 30lb tope

Chris from Christchurch with a nice tope
Take that photo quickly before this thing bites me!

Barry Cilver PB Conger

Wot an ugly lump - not chippy of course

Father and daughter with small eyes

Bass fishing on the Banks

The bass fishing on the offshore banks has been excellent on the last spring tides. Plenty of hard fighting bass falling to live mackerel and shads.

Skipper Sam with 8lber
Alan from Cornwall 7 1/2lber

Father and son Donlad and Mark Wilson with nice fish

John with 8lber

Peter Woods 9.5lber

James Wilson 8lber

Offshore wrecking

Still some nice fish mid channel if we can get out there!

75lb snake on 20lb class tackle

Double figure cod for Alan Young