Sunday, March 27, 2011

another awesome days wreck fishing with Chippy Turner topping the scales with his 16lber on the second to last drift.
Chippy 16lb Ian Napier 12.5lb
Dan White 10lb
Chippy 11lb
Mark Palmer 11.75lb
Kelvin Hunt 10b

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two quality days fishing, one wrecking one one inshore, as you can see a surprisingly wide range of species for a quiet time of year. Live sandeels on the drift sorted out the pollack again, with the rest of the fish/crustacia coming on cut baits at anchor. Back out wrecking again tomorrow and banks fishing monday :-)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sandeels everywhere

A dream day down the shambles with 6 healthy turbot coming to the anglers. One ten minute tow produced more sandeels than any of us had ever seen in one net, with numbers estimated over 1000. This means plenty of eels for the 3 up and coming wreck trips and maybe even a 4th.

Dean with his second turbot of 8.25lb
Spray regular Charlie Mcdowell with an 8lber

Gerry Reed with a nice 4lber
Dean with his first turbot of 6lb

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mid channel pollack

Off to mid channel. A fresh NE breeze but an improving forecast. 35 miles South and the wreck appears. The sandeels we caught on Monday are ready in the tank and soon all of the rods are well into fast diving pollack. As the morning progresses the boxes fill with fish , everyone had caught nice fish even our first time sea angler and the wind eased off - heaven!

Melvins first time pollack

Mark Palmer one of 8

Kevin Justice with a fine fish

Jonny Grummet with a 15lber which fought like a tiger

Jimmy was top gun with more than 10 fish..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1st trip to the Shambles

Off to the shambles bank for our first plaice and turbot trip. Beautiful morning with a light easterly wind. First job was to have a trawl for some sandeels. 20 mins and we had a good haul after some excitement hauling the net. Next on to the plaice and we had 8 fish and a couple dropped at the net in a 3 hour session. 3 fish on at once so not bad. Easterly wind was freshening to force 5 and conditions were far from ideal for plaicing. 3 drifts for turbot on the way home. 1st turbot of the year for Dan and a big fish dropped by Sam - pity. Can't wait to use teh sandeels for pollack fishing on Wednesday!!
Plaice dont just have spots on the top. Colin Jones with the orange spotted side to one of his 3 plaice

Ben's first plaice

followed by his first turbot...

Friday, March 04, 2011

Ray bank slam!

The offshore banks are well know for big blondes but over the past weeks we have added undulate, small eyed, spotty and thornback to the list for a ray bank slam!

Kelvin Hindmarch with a PB thornie

18lb blonde for Neil Harrision

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Stormy day in Feb

A hard days fishing and a drastic turn in the weather as a front went through at the end of the day bringing the worst hail we have ever seen that far out to sea. A few moves managed to produce 3 rays for the day with a few fish lost half way up. Can't have it everyday.
Mark Palmer with the catch of the day - some Z's
Dave Starr with a PB blonde ray

Trevor Cousins with a 14lber
A 16lber on last knockings