Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bank Holiday reef fishing

Andy Hayden 15lb 4oz undulate on bream gear

Sunday, May 25, 2014

End of May wrecking for pollack and cod

Bob with 18lb cod

Gary 12lb pollack
Gary 14lb cod

Jonny with 15lb cod

Another double for Jonny

And another...
First time wrecking - nice pollack

Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 2014 Monthly Report

We have honestly had too many good days in the last month to pick one out in particular. It’s amazing what a bit of calm weather and warmer temperatures can do for the fishing. The fishing inshore around Poole has been phenomenal with some of the best black bream fishing I ever seen right on our door step, both quality and quantity. Using a 2-up rig baited with half a squid head and a bit of rag worm seems to attract those bigger fish around the 4lb mark. Along with this the mackerel have arrived along with the first bass of the year and rays of all species and sizes. One day this week saw spotted, blonde, undulate and small eyed rays all hitting the surface within minutes of each other. As I mentioned in the last report I have done my first trip to Alderney for this year. Favourable weather conditions, for a change, meant we were able to get down to the shoal bank 3 days on the trot. Amongst the mountains of bait fish on the banks south of Alderney we had some good turbot up to 12lb 8oz, landed by Gary Kent. This week we are visiting Cherbourg on our first trip to France of the year, lets the weather and fishing keep up with our side of the channel.
Sam Cumming
Silver Spray II
Brilliant fishing lately, nice bit of weather seems to be helping things along a bit. Adam Moss raised the bar again for the inshore bream with a massive 4lb 8oz fish, his first ever. As well as this we have had our first bass of the season which is hopefully a sign of good things to come.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Quality few days on the fish shame the weather has turned bad. The biggest stamp of bream I've
seen for a few years inshore and the first summer cod out on the wrecks along with some plump pollock.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Top notch Inshore fishing

Awesome few days on the bream, today probably being the highlight with over 100 fish coming to the boat mostly returned to fight another day. Biggest one so far this year goes to John Barlow of Newbury weighing it at 4lb.