Thursday, October 15, 2015

October Monthly Report

Standard kind of Autumn weather at the moment, some wind if not too much wind most days and now that it is in the north we are seeing the temperature start to drop. Maybe it is this shift in conditions that has kick started the winter fishing early, we had our first winter cod of the season in fresh water bay on 13th October, the earliest we have ever seen one up there. Along with the 4 cod we had spurdog, undulate rays and congers so the only thing missing so far is the whiting which will make an appearance when the temperature drops again into the single digits. Elsewhere, as far as the fishing goes, you would be forgiven for thinking it is still summer. On a wreck trip at the start of October to mainly target black bream at anchor we stumbled across a hit of late cod, averaging at about 8lb they were slightly bigger than what we have been getting throughout the year. The bream certainly didn't disappoint either with over a dozen fish coming to the boat at slack water, the biggest of which weighed in at 5lb 12oz for Scott Gooch just a few ounces short of our boat record. Inshore the fishing has been nonstop with plaice, brill and gurnards all in abundance on the sand which makes for great fun on the light gear. We have started doing a few trips in the evenings to target  dover sole which have been a success, the elusive flatfish coming on the feed for just a couple of hours as the day slips into darkness. Looking forward to more of all of this over the next couple of weeks before we turn our attentions to the winter cod fishing.
Sam Cumming
Silver Spray II