Monday, November 24, 2008

More Winter Cod

Wot a nice pair!

A nice day's fishing for the lads from Glos!
Dave Lynes with another nice double shame about the hat Dave!

Garry Bunce with a 14lb cod in custody
Congers have just started to make a regular appearance when codding. This is one of 7 caught by Liam Cummings (no relation)

David Palmer is no longer a cod virgin after getting into this 12lber!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

British Cod Championships 2008

Congratulations to Gareth Butt who won first prize in the British Cod Championships held off the Isle of Wight 19-20 November. Gareth was fishing off Silver Spray and had not caught a cod in 5 attempts at the championships. He landed 2 cod of 20lb and 10lb on day 1 one and managed a 3rd of 10lb on day 2. Gareth claimed top prize of £1000 and a big trophy. Day one was fished in good conditions however Silver Spray didn’t land its first cod until 2 o’clock. Three more followed with the 20lber over the gunnels just before lines up. Day 2 saw winds increasing during the morning. With two fish in the boat before lunchtime we were confident on improving on the 4 from day 1. However at midday 2 all boats were forced to move from the Needles area to the Solent by strengthening winds. Overall Silver Spray caught 6 cod one more than in 2007

Gareth's 3rd cod a prize winning 10lber

Pete "Geeze" Bailey with his 2nd cod.

Gareth Butt 19lb 14oz cod

Gareth's 1st fish a 10lber

Alan Bravery 13lb cod

Pete Bailey with a nice thornie he also caught a 5lb cod

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Winter Cod Fishing 2008

The good news is that the cod have arrived in numbers off the Isle of Wight. They seem to be the same stamp of fish that we saw on the rips last summer. I am expecting the bigger cod to show up in December and January as they did last year. Also increasing numbers of whiting, congers and a few late bass. If you fancy a trip please give me a call on 07787 375386…..

The winter cod have arrived early off the Isle of wight grounds. They look a similar stamp to those we enjoyed catching on the brittle star grounds this summer. Hoping for a real big fish soon..
10 and 12lb pollack for Terry miles

Steve Fleming 10lber

Dereck Ring 13lb pollack

Nice whiting Steve
Dave Lynes 10lber