Monday, April 30, 2007

Late April Bream and Alderney

The bream fishing has been really excellent this spring with catches of 100+ on most trips.

Young angler Richard Jones with one of 13 bream caught on his first boat trip a Tuesday evening trip, Tuesday evening trips continue throughout the summer.

4 day trips to Alderney prove to be popular holiday. We have just returned from our first trip of the year. The first day provided a good catch of pollack. Two days on the days between Alderney and Guernsey produced a number of nice flatfish including....

Chris Witcher with a fine 9lb Alderney brill.

Silver Spray's own Bob Marley rasta wig. Caught 20 miles north of Alderney. Silver Spray returned safely home despite the fresh NE wind managing a steady 8 knots on one engine. Dorset Lake Shipyard were standing by with their hoist and the problem was soon removed.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Banks Fishing April (3)

Another successful day on the banks for the lads from Kinson Con Club.....
Chippy Turner with a 19lb turbot
Steve Wyeth with an 11lber
Rob Lissenburgh with 1st brill of 2007 a 4lber which had been attacked by something with teeth perhaps a tope?
Kieth Pilcher's turbot

Andy Herman's turbot

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bream Fishing April 2007

A group of keen anglers from Newbury came out for a crack at the spring bream. A wonderful day's sport was enjoyed on a perfect day with eneryone catching several fine specimens..

Brian Putt with a fine male black bream
Donald Wilson with a near 3lb fish caught on ragworm and squid
John Stacey with a dark fish
Pete Fowler with another fine fish caught on light tackle
Toni Bosch with a stripped black bream

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wreck and reef trips April

Since the nice calm weather arrived we have caught a wonderful selection of fish
Jack Davies aged 9 from Devon with his first conger of three.
Steve Fleming from Reading with his first conger a 4olber
Jane Matthews from Sacrborough with her first fish, a pollack. Jane went on to catch 14 fish comprising 5 species.
First bream of 2007 for Brandan Sajoe from Bristol and S.A.

Dave Lins with a fine pollack on his first wreck trip

Kieth Pilcher 5lb ballan wrasse

Ballan wrasse and smalleyed ray for Army SAC members

Friday, April 06, 2007

April Banks Fishing (2)

After 5 turbot the previous day Silver Spray headed back West for another crack at the turbot with a group from Bristol. 1st time boat angler Steve Glasson started with a 5lber before landing a superb 20lber. Silver Spray catching a 19 and 20lb turbot on subsequent days.....

Next up on the bank were a group of lads from Wales. Didn't tkae to long until the
Runway club record turbot was doubled by Richard Llewellyn with this lovely 16lber....
Shorty followed by a 10lb 8oz fish for Paul Cates

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Banks Fishing April

Finally the NE winds have given way to calm and sunny weather. Silver Spray headed West to look for flatfish.

Andrew Leigh with his first turbot on 19lbs - looks happy!

Jenny Matthews with her first turbot a nice 10lber

Sam "Jaws" Cumming with another 10lber