Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July Bass from The Isle of Wight Grounds

Bass trips are now in full swing when the weather permits. We are catching some nice bass with live mackerel baits.

John Tisdale from Cornwall with a nice 6lber.

Vivian Swan from Poole with an 8lber.

Brian Chalk with a fine 6lb fish.

Connor Marten from London with his first bass a fine 5lber.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Wrecking early July

The wind let up finally for a weekend's wrecking. Saturday was still a bit lumpy and Jullian Storey from Warminster showed his team the way with two nice cod of 17 and 9lbs.

Next out was Mark Palmer and the lads from Kinson who had wonderful weather and some great wrecking action

Mark with a 17lb ling

Stephen Shaul with a fine 16lb pollack caught on a mackerel flapper.

Andy Hadfield 40lb conger

Andy Herman with a 25lb tope. Hooked p.r. it then took 15 minutes to land with 2 knots of tide.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

On the Runway for 3 days!

The Runway Angling Club from Cardiff booked 3 days in June. When they arrived in Poole organiser Mike Freshwater told me about their impressive record of picking rough weather. Well true to form the weather was a might gusty and rainy. However the lads were determined to fish and enjoy Poole's pubs in the evenings. I was impressed how they stuck at it and eventually the number of species came up to 13 (pollack, cod, red gurnard, mackerel, pout, doggies, starry smoothhound, plaice, ballan wrasse, bass, black bream, tope, spotty ray). Silver Spray's stability and sea keeping enabled us to complete the planned mid channel wrecking, reefing and bass trip schedule.

Summer Evenings

Steve Fleming and a group of work mates came out for an evening on Silver Spray. The rain stopped and wind dropped and the lads enyoyed some good sport including mackerel, doggies, bream, a large twaite shad and a first undulate ray for Steve. I think they also enjoyed a few cans, glasses of vino and a evening out of the office....Stormy sunset - looks like Ballard is on fire!
Steve's Undulate
Nice shad swimming with the mackerel