Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bass Fishing in June

We have fished our first bass tide in June with live sandeels. On our first trip we improved Silver Spray’s best bass to 12lb 8oz while a bigger fish was seen following the hooked one! The best trip of that tide saw 70 bass to 10.5lb.
Dave lance 12.5lber
Paul Hathaway 9lb

Brian Putt 10.5lb
Harry Venables 9.5lbs

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Cod

Giulio Martini 14lber 29 June 2008
Andy Heasman 16lb
Mike Buckley age 13 12lber

Friday, June 20, 2008

Alderney Early June

Day 1 Plenty of prime cod on the way over

Geoff Bailey 10lber

Tim Johnston's 1st sea fish

Barry Culver is catchin cod

Pete Boyland with another nice fish

Day 2 and 3 fishing on the banks for flatfish, tope fishing and salmon fishing.........

James craft 14.5lb turbot
Godfrey Cutts 12lb turbot
Tim Johnston 10.5lb turbotSteve Tory 6lb salmon

Some wrecking at anchor on the way home. Congers and ling with a new Silver Spray record conger of 82lb for newcomer Tim Johnson

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Alderney - the road home

On the way back from Alderney Silver Spray's first "wrecking fantasy slam" that is cod, pollack, ling, coalfish and conger on the same day.
The lads bend into congers with 6 fish on at once

That elusive coalie for Ellis Jones from Wales
The lads - cod picture to follow

Alderney end of may

The end of May and our second Alderney trip. No the best weather - NE 8 on the morning of the crossing plus lots of rain. Then a 3 day turbot challenge with True Blue from Poole. True blue came out on top with a 13lb turbot while we had a good number of flats with brill to 7lb and turbot to 10.5lbs. All the anglers caught flatfish which is a great achievement.
Terry with 7lb brill
Andy Herman 10.5lb turbot
Aled 5lb brill
Mark's first turbot

Turbot for Henry
Nice brill for Chan

Another one for Terry