Thursday, March 27, 2014

First ling of the year

Bit a bumpy and cold northeasterly day for my first trip back but at least we got to wet a line. First ling of the year and also what i think might be a new boat record thornback for us as we don't tend to catch many of them.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Brilliant couple of days out on the banks Sunday and Tuesday. Blonde rays have really shown up in force this year with over 25 fish hitting the deck over the 2 days, topped by Charlotte Burleys 24lb 8oz blonde, not bad for her first fish. Spur dogs are still going well with most fish weighing around 16lb, up to a fine fish of 20lb yesterday.Along with over 30 congers and a few other bits and bobs it has been a pleasure to finally get a couple of days work done!! Looking forward to turbot fishing Thursday and wrecking on Friday!!! Tight Lines

Monday, March 10, 2014

nice day at the office

A nice day to finally get a trip in, good weather and good fishing was had by many boats today by the sounds of it. Both Silver Spray 1 and 2 fished at anchor 10 miles off to target blonde rays and spur dogs. There was good numbers of rays between 15 and 21lb with Charlotte Burley topping the scoreboard with her 24lb 8oz blonde, her fish ever fish!! As well as the blondes we saw plenty of congers bull huss undulate ray and several spur dogs to 17lb. Looks nice again for the end of next week so cant wait to get out there again.