Friday, August 24, 2007

Mid August fish

Some nice fish have started to appear both inshore and from the distant wrecks

Terry Callahan with 20lb ling
3lb trigger fish from the beach
Girls with a snake
4lb ballan wrasee
Black bream with sea lice
red mullet

Rays of sunshine on windy days

Despite some strong northerly winds we found some nice undulates under dancing ledge....

A 14lber for Vincent from Basingstoke
A 11lber for John Reynolds
Colin Moors 10lber
Chris Woods 8lber

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Early August Fish

Tope on the drift
Nice snake Has that thing got teeth???
The lads like congering all 8 lads caught an eel by the end of the trip!
Gentlemen prefer blondes

Some nice bass some from the Isle of Wight grounds and some from the purbecks....

Late July Fish

Some nice fish were caught as the weather finally improved at the end of July....

Youngster with 30lb+conger

Sam Smith 16lb undulate ray
Terry Donnworth 38lb conger

Donald Wilson 7lb bass
John Barlow with 15lb inshore pollack
Steve Haines 11lb small eyed ray
Tim Dykes 7.5lb bass

Nice male undulate

Kinson lads Alderney trip

Despite some windy weather Mark Palmer and his mates together with James Craft and Aled Daniels still managed some excellent fishing with 16 species coming in over the 4 days. The wreck fishing was some of the best of the year with and excellent run of large congers on the way over and loads of good pollack on the return leg most of which fell to live mackerel.