Monday, January 23, 2012

Mid week cod and whiting

Last week before the weather changed we headed out into the bay. A 17lb pb cod for Bob O'Connell as well as a smaller cod and a run of really good whiting. Great day!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Despite the big spring tide Silver Spray II has kept the anlgers on the cod consistantly. Tuesday was a top notch not only for the fish but because Langstone skippers Sean Heath and Glen Cairns popped down to Poole for a day out. Sean did not disappiont with a fine fish of 22lb.Poole angler and all round good egg Alex Miles answered back with 18.5lber.Two quality fish on a very enjoyable day.

18.5lb for Alex
22lb for Sean

 14lber caught on slack water on wednesdays trip

 16.5lb undulate on saturdays trip

Monday, January 09, 2012

30lb cod in catch of cod and bass for Salisbury Social SAC

Kicking off 2012 to a cracking start with one of Sam's best cod trips ever and a new boat record for Silver Spray II. 3 cod weighing in at 9lb 9oz 10lb and 30lb!!! 2 bass at 6lb and 8lb 9oz along with whiting, dogfish and congers it was quite an exciting day. Spaces available thursday and saturday if you fancy trying to beat that!!

Congratulations to Ian Hudson winner of the Silver Spray Challenge by catching a 30lb+ winter cod on Silver Spray. Ian has won a free trip to Cherbourg!

And then Ian caught a bass to round off his day!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Fish of the Month Awards 2011

These are Sam and Andy's pick of the best of 2011 (in our opinion)...

 January: Sam Cumming 19lb spurdog
Skipper: Andy
 February: John Vallis 27lb blonde ray
Skipper: Sam
 March: Chippy Turner 16lb pollack
Skipper: Sam
 April: Peter Wright 15lb turbot
 May: Richard Ballam 85lb conger eel
Skipper: Andy
 June: Mark Edwards 33lb cod (boat record)
 July: Noel O'Toole 18lb pollack (boat record)
Skipper: Sam
 August: Mark Palmer 7lb John Dorry (boat record)
Skipper: Andy
 September: John Platt 10lb 2oz brill (boat record)
Skipper: Andy
 October: Dave Griffin 6lb 12oz plaice (boat record)
Skipper: Sam
 November: Dave Lynes 24lb cod
Skipper: Sam
December: Ian Webb 10lb 4oz bass
Skipper: Sam´╗┐