Saturday, January 19, 2013

good double

 Nice spurdog for Gary Holmes
**New boat record undulate weighing in at 19lb 4oz**Well done Gary!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mid week trip Jan 13

Making full use of the fine weather we spent the morning catch a few whiting before heading off to the banks on the 20 mile mark. 4 blondes to 27lb were topped with 6 spurdogs to 21lb very close to the British boat record. Charles Worcester caught both the 27lb blonde and the 21lb spurdog - a superb achievement.

 Charles Worcester with 21lb spurdog - although this fish could have been a British record is was released
 Charles with 27lb blonde
 19lb blonde for Chris Gould on his first trip on Silver Spray
 Dave Griffin with best of 2 spurs at 18lb

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Early Jan 2013 fish

 Plenty of nice whiting about Mark Webb with a 3lber
 Nice male blonde on the offshore banks - looks like a good time ahead in Feb on teh neap tides
 16 lb specimen spurdog

 The winter cod are still about - a nice fish for Gerry Todd
 Rough ground bull huss
 Lionel Hill with an 8lber
 Bonus 8lb bass for Mark Webb
 Paula Barbour with a 28lb blonde which she hauled up in the tide despite being sick
Robin Holloway with 18lb cod blind in one eye!