Sunday, December 20, 2009

Continuing with the cod....

Robin Laundry's first cod
Kazik's catch - 4 cod and 1 bass

Kazik 11lb cod

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

15th and 16th of December '08

After the run of exellent fishing over the past week we half expected to be disappointed by the following week when the tides increased. As it happens the fishing continues on a par with last week producing another four cod in two days. The 15th got off to a quick start with Andrew Leigh catching a 21lber in excellent condition, followed in the afternoon by a 5lber to finish the day off. The 16th was a little slow off the mark with only dogfish to show for the morning but the afternoon more than made up for it when Gary Copperthwaite caught a superb 22lber at the height of the tide followed straight away by a 21lber. As you can see from the photo the second fish is missing its fins and was bleeding quite badly. This is most probably due to being run over by a beam trawler shortly beforehand. Both days came with the usual quota of dogfish, pout and whiting, well done to all the anglers who fished.

Andrew Leigh 21lb cod
Gary Copperthwaite 22lb cod
Gary Copperthwaite 21lb cod (slightly worse for wear)
Posted by Sam Cumming

Monday, December 14, 2009

Two days winter cod fishing

With increased winds and tides anchoring conditions became a lot harder than the past few days. None the less another great couple of days for Silver Spray. Along with a nice cod for Jenny, we had five pollack, plenty of congers and the best channel whiting fishing Ive seen this winter so far. These two days combined with the last few consist of some of the best fishing we could ask for and are looking forward a whole winter of it.

Jenny 8lb cod
Joe 13.5lb pollack
chris with a 11lb pollack
Vince with a 12lb pollack
Posted by Sam Cumming

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cod Fishing Friday 11 December

Another glorious winter's day! After 2 excellent days would the cod be feeding?

Mark Palmer 6lb bass for starters
Dave Lynes 19lb cod

Steve with his first cod

Wot a nice pair

Sean "is this cod already frozen cause I am"

9 cod, 1 pollack, 1 bass, plenty of whiting, loads of fun!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Alan's day

Local car dealer Alan Smith came out with his Sales Manager Matt and had a fantastic day. Alan boated 6 cod to 28lbs. While Matt had cod, bass, rays, whiting, conger, pollack and loads of dogs

Alan's 28lber

Not a bad catch for 2 anglers!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wednesday 9th December - Codding

We headed for a mark in the middle of Poole Bay with a small group of anglers. We caught 7 cod to 21lb the best of which was caught by IT consultant Neil Berryman from Sandbanks. 6 of the cod were in double figures. Also caught were an undulate ray of 17lb, 3 congers, a thornback ray, a bull huss of 12lb, several whiting, dogfish and pouts.

Neil 14lber

Pete Knight 17lb undulate ray

Pete with a thornback

Neil's 21lber

Andy fighting a fish....

A very skinny 17lber

Pete's cod

Catch of the day!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Last bass Trip 04/12/09

Graced with a short break in the weather we were able to venture out to the bass banks one last time for the year. Unfortunatly the bass have moved on but none the less the bank provided excellent fishing at anchor as usual with 3 blonde rays up to 24lb, a nice undulate and several congers along with plenty of pout and dogfish.

12lb undulate for harry
14lb blonde for richard

16lb blonde for harry

a new PB blonde for charlie of 24lb