Friday, August 26, 2011

Alderney 7 2011

Our first Alderney trip in August. Nice weather for a change. Good pollack and congers on the way over with a few huge bream and a single cod. A selection of turbot and brill on day 2 plus loads of gurnards. Day 3 was tops with some huge tope to 50lb, plenty of bream and big dogfish (bull huss) plus a few blondes, pollack and snakes. Day 4 and the pollack were hard work on a very small tide. A selection of congers and then more tope and huss

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cherbourg 3!!!

Last Cherbourg of the year and unfortunatley the good wetaher did not hold out with westerly force 6-7 winds hampering us on the first day.Despite the conditions the anglers still managed 8 pollack and 4 bass. The second saw lighter winds and some of the best wreck fishing i've ever seen. Fishing on the drift produced plenty of bass all between 5 and 8.5lb, along with 20 or so pollack to 15. Fishing a new wreck we have never anchored before came up trumps with 6 ling (maybe not a huge amount to some skippers but certainly the most i've had onboard in one day) 8 congers a bull huss and brief visit from a sun fish.Just to finish the day off we drifted yet another wreck and had 3 double figure cod to finish. Roll on next years 3 day Cherbourg trips!!

Pair of 18lb ling for Deano and John
19lb ling and 10lb huss for Charlie and Kelvin
19lb Ling for John

25.5lb ling for Skipper Sam (caught whilst looking after Kelvin Hindmarch's rod thankyou very much Kelvin, a new PB for me)
15lb cod
12lb pollack
15lb pollack and 8lb bass for Kelvin and Tim
nice bass
one of 4 8lb bass for Charlie on the day!!!
8.5lber for John

Wrecking off Poole August 2011

A nice day wrecking 30 miles south of Poole. Pollack on the drift several small ones and some decent size as well. A bonus was a new boat record John Dory or 7lb caught by Mark Palmer on a side winder at 3knots! Fishing at anchor produced plenty of congers to 80lb and some lovely bream to near 4lb. Great day out!
Mark's 7lb John Dory
Ian Napier 3.5lb bream
Mark Webb 12lb pollack - no picture of 80lb conger which was camera shy

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Cherbourg 2

The second Cherbourg trip of the year saw better weather and some superb fishing. Exploring a few new wrecks and a few we had from the last trip, gave a wide range of species including pollack to 18lb, bass to 6lb, bream to 4lb, ling to 20lb, cod 22lb, congers and gurnard.


A few fish from inshore sessions at anchor over the last week.

8lb turbot for Nick Sale
10lb thornie
10lb thornie
5lb turbot for George
12lb Undulate