Saturday, May 24, 2008

May Rays

While we have spent a lot of time catching bream over the last month there have also been some nice rays...
Andy Giggs from Poole bay Doggies SAC with a 12lb undulate
Teacher Dave Chamberlain witha 14lb8oz fish caught on a bream rig just by Old Harry. Fish returned.
12lb Undulate
Martin Spong 4lb spotted ray
Terry with 10lb undulate
Mike Cooke 12lb thornback

Monday, May 19, 2008

More May catches

4lb bream
Ian Napier aka "Ginge" with Tope aka "Bullshit Shark"
Ben Banks 3lb bream
Ben Banks 5lb bass on live eels

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Banks Trip Mid may

James Tant 2 plaice at once
Nobby Miles plaice
Terry Mile Plaice
Donald Wilson 8lb Turbot
John Glanville 10lb turbot

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Alderney Early May 2008

Our first trip to Alderney this year and the best weather ever. Plenty of pollack on day 1. Good quality flat fish on days 2 and 3. Some fun with the congers over slack on day 4 as well as some fine pollack. 7 personal bests for anglers on this trip

Shane Rilley 11lb turbot
David Durant 10lb turbot
Clive Chambers 14lb turbot
Shaun Miller 16lb turbot
David Durant 5lb brill
Chris Witcher 14lb 8oz pollack

Dave Rilley 14lb pollack
Gary Lavan - what is he doing to that 50lb conger???

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Silver Spray Bream Challenge

Harry caught and released 31 bream.
Come along and see if you can increase the record number of bream in one day and win a new Silver spray T-shirt.

Please support fish recycling. We encourage and promote "catch and release" initatives to safeguard stocks for the future while helping you keep selected fish in prime condition for the table.

End of April 2008 - the fish arrive!

Suddenly the weather improved a bit and the fishing improved a lot. There were pollack on the wrecks and turbot on the banks and loads of bream inshore.

A fine 15lb pollack caught with live sandeels.

John Tisdale's ambition fulfilled - a fine 17lb turbot that nearly pulled the rod overboard with a terrific bite

Charlie "shark catcher" McDowell is also good at catchin bream. One of 30Donald Wilson with one of 29

Chippy Turner with a nice bream

Army SAC Chairman Gareth Smith with a nice spring bream