Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 2014 mid channel wrecking

Lovely weather, plenty of cod plus pollack, ling and a bonus John Dory.

19lb cod

double for Andy

18lb ling for Stevo from Ireland PB
4lb John Dory on a sidewinder for Cockney Paul

Double figure cod for Miles

14lb pollack from amongst the cod

Reef and banks fishing June 2014

Happy evening bream fishing

First turbot for Joe
Nice undulate ray

And another for Chris W
8lb bass on a live mackerel

Thursday, June 19, 2014

bass and cod

Coming off the bigger tide now so back out on the wrecks for a few days. and what cracking weather and fishing to kick things off with!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June Monthly Report

June Monthly Report:

For the last couple of years the bass have arrived on the last spring tide in May, for us on Silver Spray they made us wait a little longer this year until the start of June. The first hit of fish came on live sand eels, not always available but I think I will make the effort to get them more often after seeing the positive effect they have had. Live mackerel produced the big...ger fish as you would expect but we are still waiting for our first double this season, although 9lb 4oz isn't far off. To keep us interested over slack water the rays have been brilliant fun with all varieties making an appearance. After bringing a new PB to the surface on his bass gear of 22lb Dave Griffin gave a brilliant display of skill by landing a 26lber on a 12lb class rod and fixed spool reel, a perfect way to top off a good day on the bass.
The wrecks of the Herd Deep provided some fantastic pollock fishing on the return journey from Alderney. Using live mackerel, the bigger the better, fished on a 6 foot trace and worked very slowly up over the wreckage the hard fighting pollock just couldn’t resist. Colin Jones equalled his personal best of 16lb, a very well conditioned fish that fought all the way to the top in nearly 300 feet of water. As well as the pollock the cod have been coming in good numbers into the high teens, mostly taking brightly coloured lures but some on the live baits as well. It usually late June when the larger fish arrive off Poole so fingers crossed next time I’ll writing about some quality as well as quantity.
Sam Cumming
Silver Spray II

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Few picture from our travells recently. Front and center is my mum, Fran Henson, who i haven't fished with for too long now. Nice to see she can still show us how to do it with a 12lb thornback ray to finish up the evening trip.