Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Autumn Rays

Plenty of rays over the last week. We have caught lots of undulates, as well as blondes, spotted and one thornback.

Ken from Salisbury 16lb undulate one of 3 caught on mackerel sketetons
Ken with 14lber
Mark Jenkins 17lb blonde
Jay 16lb blonde
Nice thornie12lber for the skipper

More freelined bass

Some nice bass caught with freelined mackerel as bait off the Purbecks

Malcolm Wright 10lber
Chippy Turner 8.5lber
Nick 6lber

Simon 6lber

John 6lber

Colin's mate 6lber

Colourful September Fish

Allan Wischhusen 4lb tub gurnard
Brilliant red gurnard

Nice red mullet in the harbour

John Dory on feathers off Swanage
Rough ground bull huss

Nice trigger fish