Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Bream

At last with warmer more settled Spring weather the bream have started. Good catches of 60-80 fish per day with some nice ones falling to squid baits fished on paternaster rigs.

Colin Jones 2lb 8oz
Susie Hudson 2 fish at once
Louise howard 2lb bream

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

windy but fishy

With less than favourable weather Silver Spray hit the wrecks to the south east of Poole with live sandeels for the first time this year. With easterly force 4 - 5 winds we weren't able to anchor at all during the day but luckly the pollack fishing more than made up for it with around 30 fish up to the double figure mark. Another first for the year fell to owner and crew for the trip Andy 'more jam than hartleys' Cumming in the form of the first mid-channel cod of the year. Plenty more to come we hope.

10lb pollack
jammy 16lb cod

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Turbot on the banks

After a late appearance the turbot have now arrived on the banks....

Paul Hathaway 11lb 4oz
Sam 9lb

Turbot kissing Rob Thompson aka skipper of Shogun

Dave Barham editor of Boat Fishing Monthly

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wrecking early April

We also had a look at the wrecks over the last weekend. There were plenty of pollack out to the west and loads of snakes. Fish of the weekend was 29lb ling which was caught in some sloppy conditions

Kelvin Hindmarch with 29lb ling
John with nice double firgure pollack

My first conger!

Darryl Peach just about to return a nice eel

Banks trips in early April

Some fine spring weather and we returned to the banks. There was a good selection of rays and spurdogs with even a bonus cod!

James Howarth with a 20lb spurdog which was returned alive. Just ounces short of the Wessex record caught on Silver Spray last year.
Tristan with a 12lb cod

Steve Allison 17lb spurdog

Sam's pulled blonde - unfortunately a male!

Paul Chant with a 17lb blonde

Simon Rhodes with a 15lber