Monday, October 26, 2009

Sam's first cod trip of the year wasn't as good as hoped for but none the less an enjoyable day with bull huss, small eyed ray and of course plenty of doggies. The highlight of the day was a 2lb 2oz red gurnard caught on a whiting rig. This may not sound impressive but is only 11oz short of the british record!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Porbeagle Shark Video from August 2009

This video took about 2 mins to load on my computer. Hope you will agree the wait is worthwhile

Video supplied by Nathan Wheeler

Edited by Sam Cumming

The stills pictures are in the August section of the blog.

If you enjoyed this one the previous shark video is in December 2007

Thursday, October 22, 2009

On the banks in Mid-October

If you can get a nice day the banks fishing is spectacular. Sunday saw 32 bass to 8lb, 5 blonde rays to 20lb, a nice undulate and 4 congers! The following day was rougher but did produce the bass again with Vince Spiller bagging a PB of 10lb 4oz.

Vince Spiller 10lb 4oz PB
Andy 8lber on a white Sidewinder

Sam 7lb 8oz on a black redgill! not quite as good as the old man Sam!

Dan White with a mid channel undulate - much paler than the inshore cousins

John Ellis 20lb blonde PB

Louise Ellis 17lb Blonde PB

Fish from the reefs in October

A day on the reefs off the Purbecks can produce some nice fish. Rays, bream and bass as well as plenty of mackerel and St Albans marlin - garfish...

PB Undulate ray for Norman Blight

3lb bream
Chris Nicholls looks happy with this lovely bream

Monday, October 19, 2009

Shambles turbot trip 14/10/09

Wednesday produced the best shambles trip the boat has ever seen. The right tides, perfect weather and some determined anglers proved to be a winning combination.The day finished up with a very respectable 10 turbot and 3 brill.Above is Adrian with his 100% specimen brill of 5lb.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

John Barlow's specimen competition Sunday 27th september

Despite not winning the competition this year John and the lads enjoyed the best blonde ray fishing silver spray has ever had along with plenty of sporting tope and another surprise flatty thrown in for good measure. This 12lb turbot was the highlight of the day for Nick one of two rays caught by johns brother

John Barlow with a double figure blonde

Robin (laundry) with another nice ray