Sunday, February 21, 2016

February '16 Monthly Report:

Although we have mostly been kept in port with the weather over the last few weeks I've managed a couple of trips out to see what is biting. The banks are fishing well offshore with our first 20lb spur of the year hitting the deck (catch and release style) and a steady stream of congers rays and huss too. As well as the usual blonde rays we have been getting a lot of undulates and thornbacks , a welcome addition to what is sometimes a quiet time of year. We have pretty much seen the last of the cod now inshore for this winter season, a decent number landed but perhaps not to the usual size we are used to at this time of year. Looking forward to getting back out on the wrecks in search of the first of the years pollack in the coming weeks, providing we get some better weather.

Sam Cumming

Silver Spray II


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